Urban Interiority by SCSTUDIO Architecture and Design

A research project on the notion of interiority from the perspective of the city

Project Specs


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Stefano Corbo(1981)是一位意大利建筑师、研究者和助理教授,也是SCSTUDIO的创始人和设计总监。其工作室专注于以知识、经济和文化为背景的建筑和设计实践。此前Corbo已在谷德发表过两个项目,包括捷克的“不和谐综合体学校”以及中国宿迁天文台的设计方案。“城市内在性”(Urban Interiority)是一个研究性的项目,建筑师试图从城市的角度来解析内在性的概念,并在此过程中产出了包括图纸和拼贴画在内的一系列成果。

Stefano Corbo is an Italian architect, researcher and Assistant Professor at RISD, who is also the founder and director of SCSTUDIO Architecture and Design, a multidisciplinary network practicing architecture and design, preoccupied with intellectual, economic and cultural contexts. Two of his works has been previously published on gooood, including the design proposals of Dissonant Unity in Czech and the Observatory Tower in Suqian, China. Urban Interiority is a research project in which Corbo tried to look the notion of interiority from the perspective of the city. The outcome is a series of drawings / collages I produced over the years.


Dissonant Unity, 2018

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The Gentle Giant, 2017

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L’Architettura è la Città, 2017


Il Tappeto di Pietra, 2016


Rural City, 2014


The Vertical Garden, 2014


The Island, 2o16

More: SCSTUDIO Architecture and Design。更多关于:SCSTUDIO Architecture and Design on gooood.

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