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非常感谢 杭州巨合建筑设计事务所(联系邮箱:[email protected])予gooood分享以下内容。
Appreciation towards Hangzhou Ju He architecture design firm (contact: [email protected]) for providing the following description:




The project is located in Baishaquan acquisition Financial District of Hangzhou. At first, the building was a four-storey and no-decorated house in the center of the village, surrounded by a simple green garden. What the demand of Party A is that the overall space of house should be creative, practical, comfortable and with a unique image in the local area, which can not achieved by simply stacking of material and the combination of tedious form.

▼改造后外观夜景,the night view of the building


Construction Status Quo


Considered that the height of original layer was too low and the facade was narrow and monotonous. Therefore,a few of walls were replaced by glass to expand indoor visual field, which changed the virtual and real proportion of the original building facade, and rearranged the relationship between the whole building and the site. Made full use of the surrounding greening and introduced outdoor light and scenery into the interior to create a natural, comfortable environment.

▼改造后外观夜景,运用大面积落地玻璃来扩大室内视野的景观面,the night view of the building, using glass to expand indoor visual field


Interior space Introduction

地下层 | Underground Floor Plan 


The floor slab was removed at the center of the first and second floors because of its low storey height and subdued atmosphere , dark humidity and so on. After the removal of the floor slab ,the form of spatial hall not only enhances the indoor light but also speed up air flow and improves the environment of it. In addition,we applied to the special wood structure ceiling modeling , which continuous modeling can not only expand visual field, but also eliminate the sense of suppression caused by its low storey height. And the upper and lower spaces can be fully connected .

▼地下层餐厅,上层挑空,the double-height restaurant on the underground floor


Multiple considerations: extracted and mixed the elements from economic benefit charts and rolling mountains.The significance of mountain elements is not only to match to the landscape, but also to meet the needs of Party A –close to nature. At the same time, it represents modesty and trusty, leaves the direct impression of core values of the company: adhere to things, sincere to people.

▼地下层餐厅上方的木构造型,隔而不断的吊顶使视觉得以穿透,联系上下层空间,the wood structure ceiling modeling of the restaurant, the continuous modeling expands visual field and fully connects the upper and lower spaces


一层:接待与洽谈 | First floor: Reception and Negotiation


Each functional area were reorganized into different layers of space to form a various functional areas and streamline distribution. Through smooth lines of the pyramid structure spacing, such a type of shape made the front desk, reception area, negotiation room to form a separated but continuous reception space.

▼一层前台,the reception area on the first floor

▼一层隔而不断的接待空间,the separated but continuous reception space on the first floor


二层:办公区 | Second floor: Office Area


After the refit the original wall and column, the significance of the wood-faced partition wall can not only form the functional space partition, but also increase the penetration of the internal space and enhance the convenience of communication.

▼二层办公区,使用木饰面隔断墙分割空间,the office area on the second floor with the wood-faced partition wall forming the functional space partition

▼二层的独立办公室,the office on the second floor


三层:会议室与办公室 | Third floor: Conference Rooms and Offices


The shape of the bookshelf which integrates into the wall and ceiling of the conference room not only reflects the seriousness of the conference room, but also the individuality and comfort of the room.

▼三层会议室,the meeting room on the third floor

▼三层会议室,采用墙顶一体的书架造型,the meeting room on the third floor with the shape of the bookshelf which integrates into the wall and ceiling


阁楼层 | Attic floor


On the basis of the original structure of attic floor, the skylight were partially set up to alleviate the sense of oppression caused by the low roof, so that it can meet the basic use function.

▼阁楼层,局部开设天窗,the attic floor with partially arranged skylights

▼一层平面布置图,1F plan

▼二层平面布置图,2F plan

▼三层平面布置图,3F plan

▼地下层平面布置图,underground floor plan


Project Name: The design of office space in Baishaquan
Project location: Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China
Gross Built Area: 400m²
Design year: 2018.06-07
Completion Year: 2019.04
Design company: Hangzhou Ju He architecture design firm
Design team: Lu Xianhui, Xie jie, Zheng Xiao Guo yan
Photo credits: Hangzhou Ju He architecture design firm
Main materials: decorative panels, terrazzo, and cement paint

More: Hangzhou Ju He architecture design firm (联系邮箱 | contact: [email protected])


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