Interior design of Boguanxi’an Sales Center in Shandong, China by BENJAI Architecture

Sales space with children theme, shifting its function in different periods.

Project Specs


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Appreciations towards BENJAI Architecture for providing the following description:


Nowadays, traditional luxury real estate sales centers that offer unique utility are becoming less competitive in the market due to the coming concept of “weaken the necessity of sales center”. From this point of view, breakthroughs with brand new and innovative designs are mandatory to overcome the limitations in the industry.

▼接待大厅,reception hall


The inspiration of design originates from a popular online game called Monument Valley, which is a surreal exploration through fantastical architecture and geometry to guide the princess back home. Based on this concept, we proposed a children theme sales center. We worked and hope that the fantastically designed scenes could enlighten and lead the customers to imagine their future life in this space.

▼丰富而富有未来感的空间,rich space gives a feeling of future


The novelty of this design is to combine humanity cultural and sales, meanwhile, extend and change the function of this space along different periods. In more detail, the sales center is transformed from sales-based sales center to an educational kindergarten. It will eventually evolve into a beautiful community center of the public, and grow with the city as a whole.

▼沙盘区,exhibition hall


In this case, the designers have used colors to represent the space function and integrated the theme of “Monument Valley” in different zones to enhance the impression of the space. Since this project is aimed to design a multi-functional sales center, which integrated educational packages, the key challenge is to balance the concept of sales and kindergarten education.

▼连接沙盘室和洽谈区的拱廊,arcade connecting the exhibition hall and communication space

▼梦幻般的空间,illusion space

▼素雅的颜色创造舒适的交流环境,comfortable communication space in elegant palette

▼阶梯状的吧台,bar in stair shape


我们结合建筑和室内规划布局的六个空间——接待区、沙盘区、洽谈区、儿童活动区、音体室、艺术走廊,展开一场趣味旅程的设计叙事。 从空间感受整体上,设计团队注意室内室外环境的自然连接与融合,落地玻璃、半透明布帘等的应用,敞开式空间设计,将园区景观与自然光线引入室内,呈现明媚温暖的空间感受。从材质设计上,不仅空间注重环保大面积引进可回收利用进口pvc材料,而且在保证孩子们的健康有保障没有任何坚硬质感的材料,从品质上考虑,设计不仅要从童趣的梦幻出发有趣有故事,而且我们还重视产品的品质与质感,细节考究讲究。

Based on architectural and interior space layout, we developed a joyful narrative design through six spaces, namely reception, sand table, negotiation area, children’s center, multimedia area and art gallery. In order to improve the feeling of the whole space, our design team focused on the design of connection and integration of interior and external space. The view of garden landscape and natural light could be introduced to inner space, which benefits from the open space design, floor-to-ceiling window and semi-transparent curtain. As expected, the feeling of whole space is shiny and warm. With regards to material selection, high quality recyclable PVC is widely applied to ensure the space is environmental-friendly and safe for kids. Last but not least, the overall design is not only derived from childlike fantasy, but also full of details and consideration of the materiality.

▼颜色丰富的儿童活动室,children’s center with various colors

▼画廊,art gallery

▼洗手间前厅,lobby to the washroom


As the protagonist of the story, enter the core area named Reversing Space to find the way back to home, passing through the Time Tunnel and look for the key to secrets in Illusion Space. By investigating the way to produce happiness in Candy Lab and experiencing the beautiful scene in Penesas Starry Sky, precious memories are made while the story goes on…

▼财务办公室,financial office


▼剖透视图,perspective section


联系邮箱:[email protected]
项目设计 & 完成年份:2018
摄影师:B+M Studio 赵宏飞

Project Name: Interior design of Boguanxi’an Sales Center
Design: BENJAI Architecture
Contact E-mail: [email protected]
Design & Completion Year: 2018
Leader designer & Team: Hua Huang, Zefeng Sun, Huiping Guo, Jingyao Zhou, Xiaoyue Du
Project Location: Weifang, Shandong
Gross Built Area: 1320sqm
Photo Credits: B+M Studio 赵宏飞
Clints: 山东旭辉银盛泰集团、潍坊华翔置业有限公司

More: BENJAI Architecture。更多请至:BENJAI Architecture on gooood

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