The Design Of Office Space in Baishaquan, China by Hangzhou Ju He architecture design firm

The transparent facade and continuous spaces

Twelve Pieces of Poems for BY JOVE, China by Mur Mur Lab

Blue and white are interwoven together to compose poem of the space

Living Art Pavilion, China by MOZHAO ARCHITECTS

A furniture store linked with a tea house

International Consulting on the Urban Design of Unit 8 & 10 of Qianhai

Make the area become a representative area with unique attraction in Qianhai

BUGA Wood Pavilion by ICD + ITKE + Mu?llerblaustein Bauwerke GmbH + BEC GmbH + Bundesgartenschau Heilbronn 2019 GmbH

The segmented wood shell builds on the biomimetic principle

The Circular Garden by CRA-Carlo Ratti Associati

Growing a building like a mushroom

gooood archive: Sculpture

Selected sculpture projects

BUGA Fibre Pavilion by ICD + ITKE, University of Stuttgart

Novel composite building system inspired by nature

X.? House by BETA.? architecture office

A suspend structure controls the domestic layout

bench H-01 by Sivak+Partners

A smart way to solve the problem caused by the parking barriers

Opa by Vered Kadouri + Craft & Bloom

A simple restaurant, a peaceful cocoon amidst the chaos

Urban Interiority by SCSTUDIO Architecture and Design

A research project on the notion of interiority from the perspective of the city

Technology Yard by boq architekti

A funnel-shaped courtyard enclosed by three separate volumes on a fairly small site

Yi Jing Yuan Multi-function Hall, Shanghai, China by Green-A Architecture & Decoration Design

Combination of the warmth of wooden structure and the beauty of geometry.

QUAD HOUSE, Beijing, China by ARCHISTRY design & rearch office

A hidden place with the courtyard as the background

Apartment X, China by KC Design Studio

A 14-ping space concentrates diverse lifestyles

Chicago Public Library West Loop Branch by SOM

An architecture narrative borne by colour, linework and quotes

By in Shanghai, China by Spacemen

The 3-dimensional composition of fragments