House in Nakauchi by SNARK + OUVI

A house with a solarium for cultivating succulent plants

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SWISS HOUSE XXXIV by Davide Macullo Architects

A house formed by concrete blades

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        K2 House by A.A.E

        A garden unfolds one’s living territory into the town, and a series of gardens in the town comprises a human life-scape

        Drape, Stick, Slump by Cindy Zhang

        Instinctual emotions reflected on a series untraditional furniture.

        Here East by Hawkins\Brown

        Creating London’s home for making

        Temporary Lost Mirror in Nanjing, China by AW DESIGN

        Say goodbye to the past, embrace the new and beautiful self.

        The tableware of the future by Joe Doucet

        Multifunctional tableware

        H Queen’s, Hong Kong by CL3 Architects Limited

        The first purpose built vertical art galleries building in the world

        (北京)MAD建筑事務所 – 高級建筑師 / 中級建筑師 / 初級建筑師 / 渲染師 / 室內設計師 / IT經理 / 建筑設計實習生


        Office Building for the WTC Almeda Park by Mateo Arquitectura

        Office building with Mediterranean plants

        OFFICE FACT NO.22 – O-office Architects

        The OFFICE FACT NO.22 is about O-office Architects from China

        Interior design of Boguanxi’an Sales Center in Shandong, China by Benjai Architecture

        Sales space with children theme, shifting its function in different periods.

        每周評論精選2018.10.26 – 2018.11.02

        (Only in Chinese) selected comments of the last week to present different perspective.

        La Tortilleria by Ludwig Godefroy Office

        To give back the importance to the corn and to treat it back with all the delicacy and respect it deserves

        KnitCandela by Zaha Hadid Architects

        Concrete shell built on ultra-lightweight knitted formwork

        SUJI Restaurant in Chongqing, China by Pure’s Design

        Use subtraction to change the space from rough to smooth.