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2018 ASLA RESEARCH AWARD OF HONOR: Urban Aquatic Health: Integrating New Technologies and Resiliency into Floating Wetlands by Ayers Saint Gross

Investigating new technologies to produce a more sustainable and high-performing floating wetland

每周评论精选2019.03.23 – 2019.03.29

(Only in Chinese) selected comments of the last week to present different perspective.

2018 ASLA RESEARCH AWARD OF HONOR: Design with Dredge: Resilient Landscape Infrastructure in the Chesapeake Bay by Mahan Rykiel Associates

Resilient dredged material management in the Baltimore region

The Redstone Garden for Luxelake Residential Community in Chengdu, China by ECOLAND

The rainbow colors complement the plants and the water

The Red Army Cemetery\Long March Memorial Park in Zhongguan Village, China by Fu Yingbin

Watching on the Hillside

Urban Research: The Gaps of Public Space by Monolith Architects

Use design to rethink the evolution of urban public space

Birch Moss Chapel by Kengo Kuma and Associates

Disappearing among the trees and ground

Micro Regeneration Projects in West Guizhou Lilong, China by TM Studio

Shared-living space

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        Vessel by Heatherwick Studio

        Amazing! A landmark structure made of stairs

        每周评论精选2019.03.16 – 2019.03.22

        (Only in Chinese) selected comments of the last week to present different perspective.

        Xuhui Runway Park by Sasaki

        Former airplane tracks translate to social eco-park(video and images updated)

        New Environmental-friendly Materials for Construction Industry

        To explore the boundaries between architecture and ecology

        Swirling Cloud: Bulletin Pavilion for BJFU Garden Festival by SUP Atelier

        Clouds in the Gale: a reversed design process

        2018 ASLA ANALYSIS AND PLANNING AWARD OF HONOR:Shield Ranch Master Plan by Andropogon Associates, Ltd.

        From Pixels to Stewardship: Advancing Conservation Through Digital Innovation

        Eden by Pamela Tan

        The white wonderland

        Rainbow Channel in Jindi Green World community, China by Antao AHA Group

        From nobody to online celebrity, the birth of the most beautiful way home in Shanghai

        Low Cost Resettlement Community Ecological Landscape Construction by China Architecture Design and Research Group

        A nostalgic design